The 3 Methods of Sclerotherapy

Injection sclerotherapy

Liquid sclerotherapy delivered by precise injection is the spider vein treatment method most commonly recommended by vein experts. By injecting tiny amounts of a medication named polidocanol into the targeted spider veins, providers are able to cause the veins to constrict and eventually disappear entirely. Most patients feel only minimal discomfort, and side effects of the medication itself are quite rare. After wearing compression stockings for a few days, many patients are back to normal with dramatic results.

Laser sclerotherapy

Vascular lasers make an excellent adjunct treatment for liquid sclerotherapy, thanks to their precision and highly targeted effectiveness. To treat spider veins, the high-powered laser focuses on the blood within the vessel without impacting the tissue surrounding it. The laser system also has a cooling system that maximizes patient comfort while improving results. Typically, there are no side effects, and patients are able to immediately resume normal activities, though in rare cases there may be some redness, discoloration or mild swelling. For laser sclerotherapy, compression stockings are not required after treatment.

Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy

By integrating the use of an ultrasound device (similar to the one used during pregnancy), your team will be able to find even the hardest-to-see vessels, particularly the ones that feed the more obvious spider veins. These vessels, known as feeder veins, are identified with ultrasound and then treated with liquid or laser sclerotherapy at a higher degree of precision. Patients wear compression stockings for a few days following the procedure for the best results.

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