Forehead injections


Forehead Injections

Forehead wrinkles

Having wrinkles on the forehead is a very common feature in everybody. They are a result of genetic aging, too much exposure to sunlight and regular facial movement. The forehead is a large part of your face which is often disturbed with wrinkle development. Most people will opt to style their hair downwards or wearing hats that will cover the wrinkles. However the many cases of forehead wrinkles, medical advancement has been done to prove ways that can reduce the wrinkles.  Fortunately, while there are many causes of forehead wrinkles, there are also many ways to minimize and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. With a good skin care regimen and some basic preventive steps, you can maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free forehead for years to come. Elements Of our environment affect our body and our skin.

Botox for forehead

Botox provides the safest and quickest way of eliminating the wrinkles and facial lines that are a menace to many people. The Botox treatment can smoothen the frown lines on your forehead at the base of your nose and the forehead. It lasts for up to six months and cost about $600. The numbing of the muscles can, however, cause brow and eyelid drooping as there is no muscle movement.

Causes of forehead wrinkles.

  •    Exposure to sun rays. The sun is one contributor to the skin damage. It not only causes forehead wrinkles but also skin cancer. Sun rays and its effects have a topic of discussion as it has continued to harm a dozen people. The simple way to reduce the sun rays from affecting your skin is by using an anti-aging sunblock
  •    Stress. Stress is a big contributor to many big diseases. When your body is under stress, it releases some chemicals, which affect the body and the heart. The release of the cortisol toxin brings adverse effects on the skin. Cortisol produces oxidants that damage the cells which may affect the elastin DNA, collagen, and tissues, which result in wrinkling of the skin on the forehead.
  •    Genetics. Being in a family with a history of the wrinkled forehead and Werner’s syndrome is the genetic issue behind wrinkling and early aging.  This result to deep wrinkles on the forehead and is one because that is not easy to handle. The skin gets wrinkles as early as twenties and the person are always prone to skin cancer. It is not easily handled as mentioned but the best thing to do is reduce the wrinkles on your face if not eliminating. This can be done by applying wrinkle remover to your face and massage.
  •    Smoking and drinking alcohol. Sugars that are present in the alcohol lead to the production of glycation which is a catalyst foraging and bringing early wrinkles on your face. Smoking, on the other hand, releases toxic radicals into the environment which brings about the decrease in elastin and collagen production in the body leading to wrinkling. The heat produced by smoking may damage the skin on the face area. Nicotine in cigarettes is responsible for aging. Nicotine does this by reducing the blood vessels located on the skin reducing blood flows which reduce the amount of oxygen required to maintain the skin. Smoking also is accompanied by muscle contraction which may cause wrinkles in the long run.
  •    Facial expression. This is one of the cases that are quite avoidable. When we make any facial expression, muscles on the skin moves. Repetition of facial expression will result in wrinkles. This is an important cause of wrinkles, but that does not mean that you live your life has a straight face.  All you need to do is try to reduce the amount of facial expression you make per day, and all will be well.
  •    Lack of Sleep. Sleep is important in letting your body relax and regenerate the dead cells. The recommendation to at least sleep for six to eight hours is important in minimizing the chances of developing wrinkles. Having a glass of water before bed is good to keep your body hydrated.

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