11s Injections


11s Injections

11’s injections

Botox injection may work well in reducing the horizontal lines on your face popularly known as the “11s.” No other cream or over the counter drugs can eliminate the frown lines. Botox is a safe and effective procedure that minimize deep facial wrinkles including frown lines. Normally a Botulinum toxin type A is injected into the skin area that results in the local muscles to relax. If the frown lines are more pronounced, you may be advised to seek a treatment referred to as dermal fillers. This treatment depends on the depth of the lines and its severity. When the Botox is injected into the skin, it hinders the communication between the nerves and the muscles. This prevents the facial muscles from contracting. After the treatment, the lines will be less visible.

What are the 11’s wrinkle and causes of 11’s injections/ glabellar/ frown lines

The 11’s are wrinkles that occur in between the eyebrows. They are commonly termed as frowning lines or Glabellar lines. This lines may appear as one or multiple lines angled towards the eyebrows. They result due to the muscle contraction at the lower forehead in a downward position resulting I creasing of the eyebrows. They become more prevalent as one age.

Causes of 11’s lines

The most common contributor to frown lines is the exposure to sun rays. Once the skins damage the facial muscles get into contact, and the frown lines develop. You get affected by the sun when it destroys elastin and collagen causing the skin to be thin. The skin loosens its taut due to the damage. Another cause of frown line is the overall aging. As we age the dermis becomes thin, and the cells do not divide rapidly as they did. Other parts that loosen are skin fibers and elastin making the skin tone inelastic. The skin also minimizes the water retention as we get older. Another cause is smoking and drinking alcohol.Our Ivy League doctors demonstrate how Botox treatments can remove years from your eyes, when done correctly. The key is knowing where to place the Botox around the fine lines.

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