Suffer from joint pain?

You may feel that you have two choices: medications that mask pain, or surgery.

Our team at VIP Centers gives you a third option: minimally invasive treatments that are safe and effective. Our injections contain saline, time release anti-inflammatory steroids, and local anesthetic for long-lasting relief.


Neck Pain Relief

The seven small vertebrae at the base of the skull are vulnerable to injury or pain from daily lifestyle habits, osteoarthritis, stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.

Our doctors have great success using a few different types of treatments.

Cervical epidural: An inflamed or pinched nerve causes pain and numbness that radiates through neck, shoulders, and arms. Injections reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Cervical facet: Facets are small joints at segments of the spine. A cervical facet injection can block pain.

Trigger point injection: Trigger points are small knots that form in muscles. They irritate nerves in the immediate vicinity, or cause “referred pain” in other parts of the body. Trigger point injections relax the knots.


Shoulder Pain Relief

We offer state of the art fluoroscopic guided shoulder injections.  By using a combination of naturally occurring steroids and advanced laser guided needle placement, we are able to deliver the medications needed to relieve your shoulder pain safely and effectively.

Back Pain Relief

Lumbar epidural: Injections for low back and leg pain; alone, or as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Lumbar facet: Medications carefully placed at the lumbar joint block pain

SI joint: Sacroiliac joints on either side of the spine connect hips to the sacrum. Injections reduce joint inflammation, discomfort, and dysfunction.

Hip injection: Problems with these large joints that connect legs to the pelvis generate pain in the low back, hips, buttocks, or legs. Injections often bring long-term pain relief.

Knee Pain Relief

We offer a combination treatment of radiofrequency ablation, hyaluronic acid injections as well as Iovera.  We will customize a treatment plan for you that includes state of the art pain medicine mixed with advanced PRP and Stem Cells.