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At VIP Centers, you can expect world class care from our Ivy League trained doctors. Our physicians are Board Certified and experts in the fields of vein disease, pain management, and regenerative medicine. We also provide specialty care including cosmetics and other sub-specialties as our physicians have double and triple board certifications. Our network of practitioners have impeccable training and provide compassionate care with a high level of service.

Our specialists have been published in medical literature and recognized by the press. They are recognized as industry leaders in their field and have international recognition as being the best in their fields. Every patient is thoroughly evaluated and an individualized, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare is performed to help our patients reduce pain and regain function- while making them feel healthier, stronger and getting back to their normal lives.

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At VIP Centers, you’re in good hands.
We are experts in minimally invasive procedures that are clinically proven to give the best results.Expect no downtime and to resume your regular activities the same day.

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