Back on your feet quickly with ambulatory phlebectomy in Manhattan

Ambulatory? means capable of walking. Phlebectomy? refers to surgical removal of all or part of a vein. Together, they describe an effective method of resolving superficial varicose veins. Dr. Michael Nguyen, and his team at Vein Institute & Pain Centers of America offer ambulatory phlebectomy to patients in the Manhattan area.

A brief procedure

After Drs. Nguyen, Khimani, and So examine and evaluate your veins, they discuss treatment options. If you are a good candidate for ambulatory phlebectomy “ able to walk on your own and wear compression hosiery “ the procedure is scheduled at our discreet Manhattan vein care center:

  • Skin is cleansed.
  • Problematic veins are marked.
  • Local anesthetic is injected to numb the treatment area.
  • The doctor makes incisions about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen.
  • A special instrument is used to seize, extract, and close off diseased veins.
  • No sutures are needed “ incisions heal naturally and are virtually invisible.
  • Depending on the individual patient and the number of veins treated, the procedure typically takes two hours or less.
  • Common side effects include minor swelling and bruising, but they typically resolve quickly, with minimal discomfort.
  • Walking immediately following the procedure speeds healing.
  • There is no downtime“ you may return to normal light activities right away. (Wait a few days before doing any heavy lifting.)
  • You must wear a compression stocking for at least a week.

Permanent resolution of problem veins

Vein Institute & Pain Centers of America offers a range of treatments for varicose veins. Ambulatory phlebectomy is a popular choice for two primary reasons. First, it is minimally invasive, compared to conventional vein stripping. Second, because veins are removed, there is no risk of reappearance. Treated veins are gone for good.

Schedule a consultation with Drs. Nguyen, Khimani, and So to learn more about ambulatory phlebectomy. The number in Manhattan is (212) 810-9525.

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