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New options in time-tested treatment: Sclerotherapy in Manhattan

Men and women can get spider veins at any age. This roadmap of red, brown, blue, and purple lines on legs isn’t a threat to your health. However, spider veins spoil the appearance of smooth, evenly-toned skin. For a century and a half, sclerotherapy has been the go-to treatment. Today, Manhattan patients have the benefits of modern developments in this time-tested technique.

Conventional sclerotherapy

With a very fine needle, sclerosing solution is injected into visible capillaries. This medication causes spider veins to shrink. Eventually, treated veins dissolve and are naturally absorbed by the body. Sclerotherapy is effective, and has minimal risk of side effects. Patients are advised to wear compression hosiery for about a week after the procedure, but there is little or no downtime. Sclerotherapy also closes “feeders,” so spider veins are not likely to reappear in treated areas.

Ultrasound assisted sclerotherapy

This advance takes the precision of sclerotherapy to a higher level. An ultrasound device gives the clinician visual guidance to deliver sclerosing injections and monitor placement of the solution. This method is appropriate for reticular veins and lesser varicose veins. It can also be used to identify and seal feeder veins.

Laser sclerotherapy

Energy from a laser is absorbed by the blood in spider veins, without harm to surface skin or adjacent tissues. The device has a built-in cooling mechanism, for patient comfort. This technique can be a good alternative for patients who are allergic to sclerosing solution, or who prefer not to have injections. Laser sclerotherapy is commonly used to treat facial spider veins, or those that are too small for injection.

Dr. Michael Nguyen and his team at Vein Institute & Pain Centers of America bring the latest vein treatment options to patients in the Manhattan area. For more information on sclerotherapy techniques, call 212-810-9525.
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