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Preventing venous diseases: Tips from Manhattan vein specialist

Can all risks of vein problems be avoided? Probably not. Genetic predisposition, medical conditions, and other factors play a role in your chance of developing venous diseases. The good news is that there are several daily lifestyle adjustments that can help in preventing venous diseases. Manhattan vein specialist, Dr. Michael Nguyen, and his team at Vein Institute & Pain Centers of America share these guidelines.

The power of motion

The body relies on a network of arteries and veins to nourish tissues. Arteries carry oxygenated blood from the heart to organs and extremities. Veins bring “used” blood back to the chest for enrichment. The movement of large muscle groups in the legs is vital to healthy blood flow. Physical activity causes these muscles to stretch and compress, helping to move blood upward, from valve to valve.

Excess pounds accumulate on the inside of the body, as well as where they are visible. Fat puts pressure on vein walls, contributing to dysfunction. Just 30 minutes of daily exercise that works the legs (such as brisk walking, running, or swimming) also benefits veins by helping to maintain healthy BMI.

Sitting compresses large veins in the thighs. Standing makes the circulatory system work against gravity to move blood upward. Long periods of sitting or standing may result in venous congestion – a buildup of fluid in veins. Remember the 2/20 rule - get up and move your feet and legs for two minutes, every 20 minutes.

Other healthy changes

  • Elevate your feet when sitting.
  • Wear flat shoes, rather than high heels (which constrict movement of calf muscles).
  • Choose clothing that doesn’t bind at the waist, legs, or groin.
  • Eat a low salt/high fiber diet.
  • Don’t smoke.

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