Dr. Namrata Khimani

Dr. Namrata Khimani is a nationally recognized vein and interventional pain specialist with immaculate training. Dr. Khimani graduated as one of the top students from Harvard Medical School and completed her residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where her peers and faculty selected her for the prestigious title of Chief Resident. In her role as Chief, Dr. Khimani helped lead her peers and team to deliver high quality care at Columbia. During Dr. Khimani's training at Columbia, she developed an interest in venous disease and interventional pain which subsequently led her to return to Harvard Medical School for advanced fellowship training.

On her return to Harvard, Dr. Khimani learned the latest cutting edge technology in vascular and pain management. Dr. Khimani focused on mastering minimally invasive procedures to treat chronic venous insufficiency and also difficult pain conditions. Dr. Khimani is a specialist in ultrasound, radiofrequency (Venefit), endovenous laser (EVLT), phlebectomy and sclerotherapy. She is also an expert in fluoroscopic needle guided interventional pain injections. Using fluoroscopic technology, Dr. Khimani is able to pinpoint exact needle placement to treat complex pain cases. Dr. Khimani's training allows her to treat complex vascular and pain cases with similar to or better than traditional invasive surgery.

Dr. Khimani's work has been recognized through various awards - including a first prize by the National Cancer Pain Research Consortium. Dr. Khimani's work has also been featured on print and also television. Recently, Dr. Khimani was asked to be an expert contributor for Venous and Pain disease in an upcoming textbook from Harvard Medical School.

At her office in Manhattan, Dr. Khimani routinely has physicians from across the country observing her and learning the latest techniques in pain management and endovascular venous treatments.



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